Monday, May 09, 2011

Sad Day for New Jersey Bastards: A1406/1399/S799 Passes. Adoptees Sold Down the River

A few minutes ago, the New Jersey General Assembly, as expected, passed A1406/1399/S799:

44 Yay
26 Nay
2 Abstain

The Speaker chastised NJ Care proponents for applauding.

Shame on NJCare for selling out the rights of those it claims to represent.

Shame on NJ Care for creating new classes of anonymized adoptees: those wiped clean by third party vetoes and state-pimped "safe haven" victims.

Shame on NJ Care for protecting the state's adoption industry from liability for illegal and unethical practices.

We do not begrudge anyone who accesses their Original Birth Certificate under this abomination, but they need to remember that their privilege is built on the continued disenfranchisement and erasure of their fellow Bastards.

We have no idea what Governor Christie will do when the bill hits his desk. Bastard Nation will be in contact with his office again. We urge those who object to the legislative quarantine of non-qualifying bastards to contact him as well. More information shortly.

Bastard Nation thanks everyone who saw this through with us and wrote and called the NJ General Assembly with our objections.

Read about the bill here and here.

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