Monday, June 04, 2007


BASTARD NATION: the Adoptee Rights Organization is happy to now be on MySpace. And the page rocks! At least that's what our first visitors think, and it's only been up for an hour (as I write this). Please stop by. And if you're on MySpace, add us as a friend. If you're not on MySpace, start your own page and add us, pushy Bastards that we are!.

BNAdoptee Rights is not a replacement for our webpage It's an enhancement. And you would not believe all the Bastards, Friends of Bastards, and disgruntled adopted people--and first families--hanging out there.

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Anonymous said...

A close friend of mine was adopted in 1943 in Logan, W.Va. he was never told about the adoption until he was in his 50's, He went to Logan to try and get his papers but was denide, Does anyone know what he can do now?