Monday, September 19, 2005


From Bastard Nation Executive Committee member Anita Field to the Toronto Sun in response to a recent reprehensible article, Opening Old Wounds, authored by Christina Blizzard:

I write in angry reply to Christina Blizzard’s article in The Toronto Sun. "Opening Old Wounds."

Ms. Blizzard has shamelessly kicked off the new "adoption season," as she calls
it, with a poisonous article purporting to be about whether or not to issue
original birth certificates to adopted men and women. What she really tries to
do is to scare the bejesus out of birth parents and everyone else. She wants to
warn society that bill 183 just might be passed in a way that would let lose
those ungrateful adoptee- monsters.

We are not monsters! We are law- abiding men and women from all walks of life .
As a group, we have only one disagreement with the government. That is, the
government is withholding our original birth certificates and other personal
identity documents that rightly belong to us – the adoptees, the people about
whom those documents were created in the first place.

Adoptees vote, we belong to parent & school organizations, we run for office, we
pay taxes, we serve in the military, and we have families. The government is
treating adoptees differently as ADULTS because we were born on the wrong side
of the blanket.

What possible compelling interest can Ontario have for wanting to keep personal
identity information secret from adults who were adopted as children? State
secrecy should be reserved for urgent matters of security and not attempts to
regulate interpersonal relationships.