Friday, October 13, 2006



About a month ago, I wrote about my granddaughter’s nanny who was born and adopted in Oregon. She was not aware that she could now get her original birth certificate.

On Sept. 11th, I downloaded the application for her. She sent in the application the next day with her $20 and on September 23rd, just TWO WEEKS later, she received her original birth certificate.

I was dancing on Cloud Nine all evening. Here was an adopted adult. someone I know, who was treated like a NORMAL PERSON by the state of her birth.

Oh, it could be just as easy for every other state to be the same way! What’s going on?!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Around 1993 I was able to 'contact' my first born after having her 'original birth certificate' for 6 years, and she was ever so angry with me for giving her up 'with out a fight!' and having five more children.

Sad thing, even I did not know what a battle I had fought just to stay with my parents, even in 1948 I was almost abducted by busy body state reps. while both my parents were in hospital & we were looked after by an aunt. The 'Social Workers etc.' never really butt out when you come under their notice, so to speak!

Anonymous said...

The above link leads to info about social workers selling out to a drug company to push psychiatric drugs.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping someone here can give me some direction. I am the son of my father, an adoptee. He died in 1993, at 67. I am certain his mother is dead (from some research we know her name and age - she was 38 years old in 1925, and his father was 42).

I am now 57 and, like my Dad, I would like to know my biological ancestors on his side of the family.

Dad was born and died in Oregon, BUT before the open records act. So he only had infromation provided by a private investigator.

With a 100 year seal on the record I'd like to know before I die (2025 is the last year). Oregon requires a court order, in spite of the fact that all the parties are dead (including the one sibling, who was 15 years older than Dad).

Anyone have a recommendation on who in Oregon might be able to help? A support group? An attorney?

Any idea of my chances in Oregon?

Grannie Annie said...


I looked up the vital record laws for Oregon and found this section:

Access to birth records is restricted for 100 years to the registrant, immediate family members, the registrant's legal domestic partner and legal representatives (includes legal guardians or persons with power of attorney), and persons licensed in Oregon under ORS 703.430. Government agencies may order if the records are needed in the course of their work or to prevent fraud. When ordering a birth certificate, you must state your relationship to the person on the record; if you are an attorney, you must state whom you represent. If you do not legally represent the registrant, include how your client is related to the person on the record. If you are a legal guardian or have power of attorney, you must enclose a copy of the legal document. If you are not eligible to order the record, please include a permission note with the notarized signature of an eligible person.

Do you have power of attorney? If yes, then you might try to get his birth certificate or else get a notarized statement from whoever was the power of attorney. Maybe it will work. I wish you good luck.
Good luck.