Friday, April 21, 2006

CONNECTICUT AND MASSACHUSETTS - What Are You Going To Do With Your Adopted Adults?

Ask around your neighborhood or your workplace. Any adoptee will tell you that their birth certificates were impounded long ago when their adoptions were finalized. Their birth certificates have been permanently sealed away from them. They cannot go into any Department of Public Health or Office of Vital Statistics and get their original birth certificates! Ever!

It's the state's policy of "Shame Shame! YOU can't know your name."

A bill is making its way through the General Assembly of Massachusetts. It's purpose: What to do with adopted adults who want their original birth certificates? Currently MA and CT are putting condtions upon which adopted adults can or cannot get their birth certificates.

Connecticut's Senate just passed a bill that would allow only adoptees born after October 2006 to access their original birth certificates eighteen years hence.

Both Massachusetts and Connecticut legislators have the opportunity to right a decades-old injustice to all adopted men and women. They can write their bills so that ALL ADOPTED ADULTS, regardless of when they were born, can uncondtionally get their own birth documents in just the same way as all the other citizens. Isn't that only fair?

Please call, fax, or email your elected representatives . Tell them that you
believe all adopted men and women to be able to uncondtionally get their own original birth certificates. It's the right thing to do.

Anita Walker Field

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