Monday, September 19, 2005


From Bastard Nation Executive Committee member Anita Field to the Toronto Sun in response to a recent reprehensible article, Opening Old Wounds, authored by Christina Blizzard:

I write in angry reply to Christina Blizzard’s article in The Toronto Sun. "Opening Old Wounds."

Ms. Blizzard has shamelessly kicked off the new "adoption season," as she calls
it, with a poisonous article purporting to be about whether or not to issue
original birth certificates to adopted men and women. What she really tries to
do is to scare the bejesus out of birth parents and everyone else. She wants to
warn society that bill 183 just might be passed in a way that would let lose
those ungrateful adoptee- monsters.

We are not monsters! We are law- abiding men and women from all walks of life .
As a group, we have only one disagreement with the government. That is, the
government is withholding our original birth certificates and other personal
identity documents that rightly belong to us – the adoptees, the people about
whom those documents were created in the first place.

Adoptees vote, we belong to parent & school organizations, we run for office, we
pay taxes, we serve in the military, and we have families. The government is
treating adoptees differently as ADULTS because we were born on the wrong side
of the blanket.

What possible compelling interest can Ontario have for wanting to keep personal
identity information secret from adults who were adopted as children? State
secrecy should be reserved for urgent matters of security and not attempts to
regulate interpersonal relationships.


Anonymous said...

Birth mothers are NOT forgotten heroes. They are cowards who succumbed to the pressure of society and placed their shame above the rights of their own flesh and blood.

If you get pregnant, deal with it. One you decide to have that baby, the rights of the child are more important. Your life is changed forever. And if you can't accept it, then get an abortion.

Anonymous said...

Here’s what I think, really...

Most of us love sex, yet many of us ought not to breed, so there you have it.......a nation full of Bastards! It’s just that simple.

And yes I agree the child has the absolute right to know where the hell they came from!

Over all else! Now everyone get a life and leave us poor ole Bastards alone!

Please let us know who our biological parents are, above all other rights. We do have that right just as you have - the only thing separating us is some crazy man-made ceremony, simply because your parents were married before they had you, that makes you better than me? And somehow I don't have the right to know who my fucking parents are? For the record, I wasn't adopted. But I sure as hell was lied to, so that makes us even.



Cathy said...

What about adoption fraud victims??

What about their rights?

What about the mothers that had their children stolen by bribed doctors??

Many CAS's bribed doctors, nurses and social workers to tell the mother that her baby was dead - and then put the "dead" baby up for adoption.

The CCAS of Toronto have admitted to do this - as have at least 2 hospitals in Montreal.

The UN says there are THOUSANDS of us.

I wanted my son. The CCAS stole him from me and his father. They lied to keep him from us. I went to the UN and the UN told both the Ontario government and Federal government that adoption fraud is rife in Ontario and it should be investigated.

The previous governments have refused and the criminals have got away with their crimes. Most are now dead, or have fled or have just plain disappeared with early retirement.

Bill 183 is the ONLY justice left for us.

We have every right to know the names of our stolen sons and daughters.

I managed to find my son after the CCAS and ADR were threatened with lawsuits for illegal adoption and libel, and slander.

The ADR gave me the information I needed. I found my son - and he is delighted that I did.

He supports Bill 183 too.

Cathy said...

I wrote to Blizzard - and she actually replied.

I pointed out a lot of flaws (especially legal ones) in her editorial.

She actually thanked me twice - but add that she did not agree with me.

However, I noticed she has now been quiet on this - hopefully my letter gave her something to think about.

I sent her to the Canadian Adoptees Registry where approx. 80% of adoptees have posted their mother's surname for all to see - there are literally 10's of thousands of people signed up there.

I even pointed out that there are adoptees there from 1927 when the records were sealed. I asked her to explain how 13 out of 16 adoptees listed there were able to put in their mother's surname too.

I think she will find it difficult to argue about adoptees not having information!!

CB may disagree - but she is finding harder to prove her case - especially when solid evidence to the contrary is thrown her way.

We will have to see what happens next. CB will find it harder to defend her viewpoint - especially now the Privacy Commissioner has done a U-turn and admits that mothers do not have confidentiality.

And CB was using her so much to back up her arguement!! Too bad for her that she can't do that anymore!!