Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ontario's "Anonymity" Commissioner Documents Her War on Adoptees

Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D., has been waging a nasty smear campaign against Bill 183, which would open adoption information to adoptees and birthparents subject to a contact veto (punishable by fine if violated). While Bastard Nation is opposed to this bill because of the contact veto, Cavoukian's relentless war on this legislation has no doubt been damaging for future efforts. We encourage Canadian Bastards to respond to this nonsense, whenever it appears in the media.

Dr. Cavoukian, the Dr. Kevorkian of Ontario Adoptee Rights

You can see Dr. Cavoukian's anti-adoptee website at:


Anonymous said...

Dr. Kavorkian seems appropriate to me. Do you have information about disclosure
vetoes and/or contact vetoes? Which states have them and which states do not. e-mail to, please.

Cathy said...

The Privacy Commissioner has now admitted she got her facts wrong!!

She has now issued an "Alert for Birth Parents" because of it.

She admits to shoddy research and quoted policies and laws that are now out-of-date - and have been for some time.

Funny how she is not shouting so loudly about that now!